Pinchy Pennies

Posted by Melina and Denise , Saturday, August 17, 2013 12:35 PM

As so many of you know, we have hit a block in making it towards our goals. Insurance companies SUCK and have led us to creating a bit of a debt and we are working on paying off every penny. We have had to find ways to make our money go a lot further. Cheap and delicious and healthy meals? Sure thing! Enter the Happy Herbivore.

We have recommended the Happy Herbivore to anyone who will sit still long enough to listen. The recipes are super easy, they are all healthy and rely on very easily found ingredients.

The first is probably our very favourite. Black Bean and Salsa Soup.

This recipe looks so simple, but it is amazingly delicious. I have cravings for this soup. Cravings. Like, I-will-never-live-without-it kind of cravings. And it is so cheap! YUM!!!

Now, as we are vegan, beans are a big part of our lives. Love it! The next great, and cheap, recipe we love is for Black Bean Burgers.
Now here is the thing about bean burgers - do not expect them to be the same texture as a faux meat burger. Make sure you cook them long enough, and I substitute the ketchup in the recipe for BBQ sauce. A nice bun and DEELISH! Who says vegans don't eat yummies?

And now for something completely different, or in this case without black beans, is this amazing Chana Palak Masala.
This is super versatile. We usually have spinach and some other veg in the freezer. One time, I had already started cooking when I realized that we had no spinach but we did have some frozen asparagus. And you guessed it - DEELISH!! Seriously, these recipes are no fail!!

It makes me feel like we can do this. We WILL get out of debt and we WILL make it to every single one of our goals, and we'll be healthy doing it. Hells yeah!

** All photos come from the amazing Happy Herbivore website. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

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