Exciting News!

Posted by Melina and Denise , Thursday, January 23, 2014 1:05 PM

Melina is trying to fit in time to paint again! I am so excited. So many of you haven't even been exposed to her work, but she is so talented. When we first met and became besties, she was a student at NSCAD, so I have always known the awesomeness of her talent. As we were roommates, I was the frequent subject of her last minute homework assignments for figure painting. I was pretty good at sitting still as long as there was an episode of Law&Order to watch.

Once she drew me with a 2-3 foot long stick dipped in ink—and it was fantastic! I still have it. She was highly praised for it, but that may also have been the subject.

What does she paint, you may ask. I am a huge fan of her abstract paintings. Her sense of colour and texture is phenomenal. She also has a love of watercolour and landscapes.

As always, time is the biggest factor in her being able to paint. With all of the sewing for the shop, and the day job, and life ... it's hard. But I am so happy that she is finally making painting a priority.

I'm a proud bestie.

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