An Editor Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Posted by Melina and Denise , Tuesday, April 2, 2013 8:43 AM

I had no idea what to expect when I sent my novel off to an editor. I was scared. Really scared. Possibility of vomiting scared. Now, I don't know if all editorial experiences work out like mine did, but it was worth every barfy second.

I had been given the date when she was starting to work on my novel, and that morning I received a prompt email from the lovely Genevieve Graham. She outlined a little about how she would work, emailing questions as they came along. 

This was one of the greatest things about the process and Genevieve specifically: the constant contact. We communicated by email every day multiple times. She would always ask for clarification before making a change and explained her reasoning clearly. She was also open to any questions I had about the writing and publishing process. Trust me, some of these must have been annoying. I am a classic newbie.

I was completely unprepared for how stressful this process would be. I thought turning the piece over to a stranger would be the hardest part, but it went far beyond that. Writing means everything to me. The fear that I would be told I was wasting my time was paralyzing. I always thought I was fairly confident about my writing, instead each critique had the potential to break me. Luckily, Genevieve was so constructive and kind that these concerns were never realized.

I now have an edited novel to work with. Just a few tweaks here and there. I am SO happy with the result, I can't even tell you. And I have such an amazing feeling of accomplishment! 

Look, she even made up a mock cover to include on her own website!
Now on to the next step: publication!

~ Denise

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Genevieve Graham Says:

Aw, shucks. Thank you, Denise! It was fun working with you, too!

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