In Her Own Words, Solstice Goes Country

Posted by Melina and Denise , Tuesday, April 9, 2013 9:59 PM

Solstice sits down with her mom,  and talks about her feelings about moving to the valley.  What her mom wants to know, will she go country?

'OMG, what do you want???' Solstice being obnoxious.

Mom: "Solstice, how do you think you'll adjust to life in the country?"

"What do you mean countries? I live in one, stupid" 

"Solstice, I mean moving into a rural area."

"Oh, it's still stupid. Who's going to see me in my Escalade? I have spinning rims for a reason, bitch."

Mom: "You don't have an Escalade honey, never mind one with spinning rims. Won't you have fun looking at birds and squirrels through the window?"

"What do I look like, a simpleton? I got calls to make, people to see. I'm not gonna look out the window like some loser. My stupid brothers do that shit"

'I do all the work around here!' Solstice pretends to write.

Mom: "Solstice, you are being terrible right now. This is an interview."

"I gotta go call my McGean's. She's can tell you this is bullshit. I'll go live with my bestie."

Mom: "Solstice, you can't live with McGean's. She's allergic to cats."

"She's not allergic to me, bitch."

Mom: "Solstice!"

"Yeah, well I don't have time for this crap, I'm leaving..."

  Solstice is not happy. 

~Melina  :D

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Kerry at just-you-wait Says:

bahahahaha AWESOME! I would endure the allergies for Solstice. But you should probably tell her that my place isn't exactly urban! (the neighbourhood definitely can be a bit ghetto, though...!)
Maybe there's a compromise to be made - a good-sized lot in the suburbs, perhaps? ;)

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